im 20. Jahrhundert
Citizens´ Association "Landsberg in the 20th Century

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The European Holocaust Memorial
A monument ensemble against racism and totalitarianism at the place of the crime

What snatches from forgetting ... destroyed by nature


The European Holocaust Memorial holds the last remainses for the largest concentration camp commands on the former Nazi-German empire ground e.g. five ruins of concentration camp bunkers and the last traces of concentration camp earth huts. „Bürgervereinigung Landsberg im 20. Jahrhundert“ purchase a part of the former concentration camp area and moved it back to dignified conditions. The other, unkempt and neglected part of the concentration camp which is under possession of the city of Landsberg, was levelled and backfilled.
Jews from all of Europe were deported in the eleven concentration camp commandos of Kaufering. Within only ten months at least 6.500 were murdered.